A Musical Symmetry?

'Symmetry' Pendant - Artist's Impression

Sterling Silver ‘Symmetry’ Pendant

I had been puzzling for a while about how I could make a pendant to compliment my ‘Perfect Symmetry’ collection of rings.  Initially, I wanted to create something based around a circular design in recognition of the rings’ shape, but I could find no pleasing way of  incorporating the symmetrical scroll elements whilst also maintaining a true circle form.

Eventually I decided to just take a straight piece of round silver wire of significant diameter, taper the ends sufficiently to enable me to create the scrolls, and then play around with this and a pair of half round pliers until the metal took on an interesting shape.

Tapered Silver Wire in 'Symmetry' shape

Tapered Silver Wire in ‘Symmetry’ shape

Tapered silver wire and bezel with Iolite gemstone

Tapered silver wire and bezel with Iolite gemstone

After a good deal of bending, hammering and annealing, a good shape seemed to present itself.

Continuing with the twining tendrils theme, I added a further piece of scrolled wire to the top of the pendant to create a bail.  I am really pleased with this small detail which enhances the overall effect of the piece.

'Symmetry' Sterling Silver Pendant

‘Symmetry’ Sterling Silver – a work in progress

The bezel will be filled with a 6mm round deep violet Iolite stone, the companion to that used in the ‘Symmetry with Iolite’ ring.

On seeing the design sketches for this pendant, a colleague commented that it looked a little like a musical treble clef symbol; it’s not quite, but I’m now thinking how I could use that idea for a future design!

'Symmetry' Collection - Iolite Pendant and Ring

‘Symmetry’ Collection – Iolite Pendant and Ring


Perfect Symmetry

Examples from the ‘Symmetry’ collection

I am absolutely thrilled with the way this ring design is taking shape.  Whether gemstone set or simply honed in silver, they are graceful pieces, their perfectly symmetrical design is very pleasing to the eye and they sit gracefully on the finger.

I have been working on them now for a week or so, and have a small collection coming together.  This will include an unset ring with a highly polished finish:

Design sketch for the plain 'Symmetry' ring

Another set with an absolutely stunning deep violet blue Iolite gemstone (this has to be seen – at their best, Iolite gemstones have a more exquisite colour than many Tanzanite stones):

Design sketch for gemstone set 'Symmetry' ring

Other possibilities are for a second gemstone ring set with a small but prettily pink Tourmaline and I am contemplating an unset plain satin finished one too, but am undecided.

The work is progressing well and they should be ready to send off for hallmarking by the middle of this week, I can then get them photographed and uploaded to my Adornments Studio.

I hope this short post has whet your appetite to see the finished pieces; I’ll do a post on my Latest Design page giving more details about their construction as soon as they’re ready.