Happy Feet with Frocks2Socks!


Now here’s a super little UK web-based shop specialising in keeping your legs and feet happy, warm and colourful!

Frocks2Socks is a small family run shop with a very clear idea of what is most important for the success of their business – customer satisfaction.  They pledge their ‘bags of enthusiasm’ to putting their customers first, with a fast reliable service and quality products.

Their website has a clear, easy to navigate layout.  On browsing the ladies’ section, I rather fell for these gorgeous pairs of ankle socks (though I must confess my addiction to collecting owls of all shapes and sizes; some to warm my feet would be an amusing addition):

Pink Owl Socks

Pink Owl Socks

Pink Bow Socks

Pretty in Pink Bow Socks

Or for a more business-like look, how about brightening up the chilly days of spring still ahead with a pair or two of these lovely satin soft opaque tights? A definite dash of elegance and warmth for your legs:

Satin Soft Opaque Tights

Satin Soft Opaque Tights

The shop also offers items for men, boys and girls, as well as an expanding selection of inexpensive gemstone jewellery.  Do take a moment to visit the Frocks2Socks website and have a browse at their growing range of products.

They say that every order brings a bright smile to their faces – I’m pretty sure that every one of their customers will feel the same; dealing with Frocks2Socks is a delight and there’s no doubt that your now brightly attired happy feet will make you smile too!

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