The Artist by Snowhawke

This beautiful piece is for anyone who is passionate about their own and others’ individuality and creativity; it expresses so eloquently why the light shone into the darkness by art and artists of all persuasions should be rejoiced in by all. In a fast dimming world, Snowhawke’s words are a beacon of truth and offer hope for a better tomorrow.

The Animist Druid

I attended a graduation ceremony this past Saturday at the Maine College of Art, in Portland. I found all of the speakers deeply inspiring. They spoke of the value of the artist and the art they create. They also spoke from experience about the power of exploration and creativity, reminding me not to worry about the end result but rather focus on the process of finding inspiration and letting it flow. As someone who views Druidry as a religion of creativity, so much of what was shared rang through with beauty and truth.

After the ceremony concluded we went to a view the senior thesis works at the Porteous building. I have to say I was blown away with most everything I saw. The sheer newness and beauty and truth in the artworks on display was greatly heartening – so much courage on display! It was a good reminder that…

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