Here be dragons … a Gothic~style bracelet


Gothic Dragon Bracelet ~ Artist's Impression

Gothic Dragon Bracelet ~ Artist’s Impression

I’m not precisely sure where my inspiration for this bracelet came from.  I am particularly fond of the Medieval period and feel that the imagery and heraldry from that time must lie behind my decision to etch a Dragon Rampant on the centre piece of this design.  Add to that the dragon claw clasp and scroll connecting brackets and we really are stepping back in time!

I started by piercing and etching the three panels from a sheet of sterling silver; each piece was then shaped and formed to resemble a shield.

Gothic Dragon Bracelet Sketch 1

The panels are formed

The next step was to come up with a decorative way of connecting these elements together.  I felt I wanted something a little unusual to make this piece stand out and so had a bit of a play around with some silver wire to see what I could come up with.

Gothic Dragon Bracelet Sketch 2

The connectors start to take shape …

Having managed to successfully shape all six lengths of wire to a similar profile, the next step was to file down each of the ends to an even taper.  After filing and emerying to produce a smooth finish, pliers were employed to bend the wire ends into the scroll shape.  Patience was needed in earnest now, as to form each of these scrolls by hand and achieve a consistent shape is not easy.

Now the fun really starts!  Finding a way to secure each connector to the edge of its panel, holding that firmly in place whilst soldering the two together and incorporating the chain links between the connectors of each element to form the bracelet, all at the same time, was no mean feat.

Gothic Dragon Bracelet Sketch 3

The scroll connectors in situ

With careful attention to detail, the soldering was successfully achieved.  The final construction stage was adding the claw clasp; this was a much less stressful operation!

After the usual round of emerying, cleaning and polishing, the three main elements were given an oxidised finish to lend further weight to the brooding gothic theme and give a more ‘aged’ appearance.

Gothic~Style Dragon Bracelet

The finished bracelet …

I am rather pleased with the result; a lot of work, but it paid off in the end.

I think I might be keeping this one for myself!


2 comments on “Here be dragons … a Gothic~style bracelet

  1. Topaz Magpie says:

    That is gorgeous! So much work, and so beautifully finished… *envy*!

    • Many thanks Ailsa, it really was a LOT of work and so hard to get it looking nice and shiny. So pleased that it turned out so well and that you like it!
      There will be more coming soon :o)

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