Simple Elegance in Silver

‘Deco’ Collection – Artist’s Impression

This collection is still very much a work in progress.  I felt these pieces had an ‘Art Deco’ feel to them, hence the collection’s title.  They are hand crafted out of sterling silver sheet; there’s a lot of piercing (sawing) and filing to be done to achieve a professional finish here, so the pieces are rather time consuming to work on, but all the more satisfying for that.

I am attempting two finishes on the surface of the silver with these – as there is a three-dimensional effect created by cutting grooves into the sheet, one side will be polished to a mirror finish, the other given a matt satin texture to help emphasise the perception of depth created by the design.

'Deco' Pendant ~ Design Sketch

'Deco' Earrings ~ Design Sketch










I anticipate making  a couple of different sizes and weights in the pendant ~ one to complement the necessarily lighter and smaller feel of the earrings, the other a larger and more substantial piece; it’ll make something of a statement all by itself, though could still be paired with the earrings quite successfully.

Progress is slow but steady and I am hoping to have these ready in a week or so.  An update will appear here when they’re  completed.


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