How a Glass of Wine Inspires?

Symmetry Collection of Sterling Silver Rings

Here are some examples from my latest collection of rings – the ‘Symmetry Collection’. Each ring has been hand forged from solid sterling silver, one example is a simple plain band of silver with beautifully crafted scrolled shank ends (using only hand and eye) , the others are similar but set with stunning gemstones.

The starting point for the design of these rings was the twirling tendrils of the grapevine. My affinity for the fermented juice of the grapevine is pretty legendary among those that know me (though never when playing with fire in my workshop – far too tricky to juggle a flaming torch and a wine glass at the same time!). The delicate tapering scrolls at the tips of the ring shank pay homage to the tenacious grip of the vine as it climbs to reach for the sun.

The taper is created by filing down the ends of a measured length of round silver wire using hand files and emery paper; after annealing the silver to soften it, the shank is formed using half round pliers and brute force, and then hammered around a ring triblet or former to the correct size and overlap. Constant annealing is required as the metal soon becomes work hardened and impossible to shape. Pliers are used to bend the thinner metal to create the scrolled ends; after further finishing and polishing the plain band ring is complete.

For the gem set versions, a similar process is undertaken to create the shank, but a bezel setting must be made and soldered into place to fit the chosen gemstone. Here I have used a 5mm round Iolite stone and a 4mm round Pink Tourmaline.  Both look fabulous in the finished rings.

Below are a few more images of the rings, but do take a peek at my studio on Artfire for more information.

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