Too Hot to Handle?

Salamander, Spirit of Fire

Salamander, Spirit of Fire

The perfect gift for the fire sign in your life!  This beautiful and utterly unique pendant is handmade in sterling silver and is bezel set with an 8mm round facet cut twilight topaz gemstone.  It is hard to even begin to do justice to the beauty of this gemstone with a photograph; when light catches it, it positively shimmers with vibrant flashes of orange, pink and yellow.  Really quite breathtaking and very reminiscent of the colours visible at the heart of a roaring fire.

The raised surface design of flames dancing upward was achieved by etching the design into the metal using an acid solution.  The desired design is adhered or painted onto the surface of the silver with a resist and, after covering up those areas where you do not want the acid to reach, the piece is submerged into a weak acid solution. The acid will slowly “eat” away the metal around the design to leave a raised pattern on the surface.

The drop from the top of the bail to the bottom of the pendant is approximately 5 cm, with the outer diameter of the piece reaching just over 3 cm.

This piece is currently listed for sale in my “Adornments” Studio ~ click here to view.

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