In the beginning …

It’s always difficult starting something new.

This is definitely something very new for me – I’m no writer, but I am a fledgling jewellery maker and I’d like to share my journey with whoever else out there might be considering diving in, not necessarily into jewellery design, but any craft or project for which they feel unprepared.  I’m still pretty close to the bottom of this ever steeper hill, but I can confidently say that I wouldn’t change where I am for anything.

So anyone out there who longs for a creative outlet, for something that just might make the difference between going quietly insane in their day job, follow me on my journey and you might just be inspired enough to seek a creative journey of your own.

My first steps were an early birthday present.   I’m a December baby (ok, not such a baby anymore) and my better half (Toby) though it would be an excellent idea to get shot of me for the weekend (my birthday fell on the Sunday that year) – charming you might think, but little did he know what the consequences of so rash an action were to be!  My present was a three day jewellery making course at Flux ‘n’ Flame Jewellery School.  The school is run by Jesa and Al Marshall, Jesa recently winning a Silver Craft & Design Award; she’s also had her work highlighted in Vogue magazine.

Spinel, Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

Spinel, Tourmaline and Diamond Ring - From the "Being" Collection by Jesa Marshall

A lot to live up to!  But, nearly two years on from that first taste of the magic of crafting with precious metal, I am now working on my own (albeit more simple) commissions and am regularly selling my work.  A fabulous feeling.

In my next post I’ll tell you all about my first tentative steps to creativity on that frosty birthday weekend in the dying days of 2008.

Until next time,


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